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Welcome to Wren Fishing

Bulk Suppliers of Australian Mackerel

Wren Fishing supplies quality wholesale Australian mackerel, straight from the bountiful waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria, shipped to your destination.

Australian Mackerel lives and breeds in our clean clear oceans. It is caught and processed by Australian workers under strict safety, environmental and health guidelines. Wren Fishing believes every Australian should be informed of the origin of the fish its family is eating. Our people are committed to providing a consistent supply of quality, Australian Mackerel.

Wren Fishing is owned and operated by 3rd Generation Fishermen, Queensland brothers David and Frank Wren. David and Frank take pride in their 100% Australian company. Operating out of their homeport in Karumba, its wild mackerel catch comes exclusively using sustainable fishing methods controlled by Australian Fisheries, both Queensland and Northern Territory licences are utilized to ensure continuity of supply all year round.

"How local is your shop's fish?" Just Ask

Keep Australia working buy Australian - use Australia.

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